Meet Jerry

Why am I Running?

To replace the failed Methadone and ridiculous Narcan System. 

"My friends  who fought in Vietnam, my colleagues in the entertainment industry, and parents of deceased addicts have helped me develop a plan to replace the current system. We will save lives and your tax and insurance premium dollars. Cambria County led the state in fatal overdoses in 2016."

Multiple Narcan treatments are subsidizing the heroin dealers. Methadone is addicting our people for life and the tax payer is paying for it all.

About Jerry:

Jerry has been a professional musician since 1968, doing fifteen National tours with the White Shadow Band. He owned a statewide booking/ entertainment agency for 25 years and owned a nationwide employment agency for musicians and artists. He refereed numerous sports at local high schools and colleges. He served as the Head coach for both Women's Softball and Tennis at Penn State Altoona. He has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local Alzheimer's Association and for public libraries. 

Jerry has been happily married 43 years, is a father of three and grandfather of four. 

Jerry will represent all of the people of the 72nd district: Independents, Republicans and Democrats. Jerry will do what is best for all the people of our area. It is his hope that all citizens will prosper and that our people undergoing health ailments and suffering drug addictions will always be helped properly. Today only the drug companies, insurance companies and politicians are prospering. We must have term limits. My opponent wants a 6th term. No politician today should have 6 terms. We will stop the corruption in both parties and the waste of taxpayers hard-earned dollars. 

  • Saint Mary School, Patton 1966
  • Bishop Carroll 1966-1968
  • Cambria Heights High School, Patton 1970
  • Altoona School of Commerce  1972
  • New Hampshire College, Manchester New Hampshire 1975
  • Professional Musician/Vocalist: Veteran of 15 national tours 1975-1990
  • Owner of a statewide booking/entertainment agency 1985-2005
  • Owner of a nationwide employment agency for musicians and artists 1985-2005
  • PIAA referee for football, basketball and soccer 1992-2016
  • College Softball umpire 2005-2007
  • Head Coach Penn State Altoona Women's Tennis and Softball 1998-2004
  • Author of two books of poetry and one comical memoir entitled "A Baby Boomer's Look Back"
  • Founder and coach of the Comets softball organization, which garnered numerous college scholarships for girls from Blair, Cambria, Bedford and Clearfield Counties 1998-2007
  • Married 43 years to Donna Burns Carnicella from Cherry Hill New Jersey. Donna attended Saint Francis College in Loretto, earning a degree in Education. 1975
  • Father of three children: Maria, Sebastian and Marlena
  • Grandfather to four little ones: Lilli, Frankie, Gus and Vinny
  • Devout Christian
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro Second Amendment