Tribune Democrat Editorial Board Interview

"Get the drugs out and the jobs in." Click below to read more.

The Issues

Create Thousands of Drilling and Pipeline Jobs

As your representative, I will personally negotiate with clean coal and clean gas companies in order to get them back to work here in Pennsylvania creating jobs. We will also create jobs with pipeline infrastructure and pipeline steel manufacturing that could be done right here in Cambria County. 

Replacing the Failed Methadone and Ridiculous Narcan System

The rediculous use of Nalaxone over and over is insanity. Last year we spent half a trillion dollars on the opioid problem. That's what we spend on our national defense. Fifty thousand people a year are dying. That's the total of the Vietnam War, and this is 50,000 every year. What are we getting for the money? Years of people addicted to methadone and staggering numbers of deaths. Worse yet is that the same drug companies that help addict our people to opioids profit by then addicting them to methadone-- and our tax dollars are paying for it.

With the money we save on drug replacement and our energy program we will: balance our budget, secure our schools from attack, finally address property tax, fund more vocational- technical and blue-collar job training in and out of high school, make needed adjustments to PACE for seniors, continue to help our veterans, and make Pennsylvania farm products mandatory in all State-funded schools, prisons, institutions and offices. Our Pennsylvania farmers are struggling and are in need of our support. 

Protecting Rights of Women and Everyone

We must eliminate the slush fund that's been available to politicians for the last 10 years. Why are we paying to bail out the politicians who have been sued by Pennsylvania women for sexual harassment and abuse? Th politicians have known about this their whole time in office and never said a word. This is disgraceful. Our women and all taxpayers deserve better. 

Revamping Our Healthcare System

Intelligent leaders must be prepared for the eventual ending of ObamaCare and the repercussions that it will have for for our state. We must be ready to adjust to the huge differences in Medicaid expansion or lack thereof and what that will mean for our state. If not addressed properly it could be an economic disaster for our state. If prepared properly we can deliver better and less costly healthcare than ever before.  In addition to healthcare for everyone is the issue of healthcare for those suffering from addiction. Again, we must be prepared and knowledgeable in respect to the billions of dollars available from the federal government. The dollars recently allocated for the opioid epidemic will be available to those states who have a real plan to replace the current failed systems. These plans are comprehensive and include real rehabilitation and recovery with job training, non-addictive medications, occupational therapy and every chance for the former addict to gain employment and a quality life upon release. 

Vocational-Technical Job Training

Just as we will make job training available to our people suffering from addiction, we will provide more technical and blue-collar job training in and out of high school for those who do not wish to acquire a four college degree.

Fixing the budget

As well as the numerous items mentioned above the revenues from the energy industry and energy jobs will help solve every economic woe in our state. We are the Saudi Arabia of gas. Gas and the jobs and revenues they will generate will be the coal and steel for this century for Pennsylvania. We must negotiate with these companies to get them back here as quickly as possible. Our federal government is negotiating deals around the world that will necessitate a delivery of Pennsylvania gas. Our state government is currently scaring these companies with taxes and keeping them at bay with lawsuits. We must begin immediately negotiating to get them back here and hire Pennsylvania workers first. Stop the practice of hiring workers from Oklahoma and Texas and put our people to work first. These companies will make trillions and we will get our cut. Let's not cut off their legs before they get started. 

We are so blessed to have these resources under our feet. We must not hesitate to start that engine of growth and prosperity. We will solve our budget, solve our unfunded pension liabilities and fund our schools.

Economic growth and job growth will provide so much revenue that PA will have budget surpluses like few other states have ever had. It's time for PA to be run like a business! I have run businesses my entire life. I don't go out to work anymore but I'm still managing my personal retirement fund. I understand every business sector in this nation and state. I'm paying a lot of taxes and, like you, I'm sick of seeing our tax dollars wasted.