Voice of the People

After years as a professional vocalist and musician, I now want to use my voice to speak for all of the people of the 72nd District. 

Upon retirement I told my wife I needed to find something productive to do with my free time. I decided that public service was the best way to give back to the people who have supported me my whole life. I was going to run for County Commissioner but being a member of the senate of house would allow me to help all the people of the entire state and not just our county. I ran for the State Senate on the Democratic ticket and received 46% of the vote against a sitting Democrat Senator. The Democratic party leaders did not appreciate my challenging their power. My Republican friends welcomed me to run for the house. I ran on both tickets in the primary. I received thousands of votes now from both parties and a true voice of all the people is now on the ballot. I humbly ask all of my supporters in both parties and all independents for your vote November 6. I want to bring all people together and be the true voice of all the people in my home area and across the state!

Voters from both parties have helped make political history because they know that I am for everybody coming together as one united district. 

I signed a pledge not to take a pension. Since my opponent, Burns, said he did not take a paycheck during the two week budget impasse, I will go one better and I will not take a paycheck the entire four years I am in office. I will, however, take enough per diem expense money to pay my food and lodging while I am away from my wife, kids and grandkids working for you in Harrisburg. Like my heroes, Jack and Bobby Kennedy I am dedicating my life to serving the people of my district who have supported me and all my endeavors my entire life.